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Communication skills to develop a killer personality

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“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Rightly said by the author communicating with someone is an art which can be mastered over the period of time. Through this art we can intend and desire the response from audience and influence people as well.

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It’s not easy to be a good communicator until you follow the steps and rules to the letters.


Be a good listener:

Listening intently helps you build trust and help the audience to be all ears to your conversation. Your mind is like a parachute it functions only when you keep it open. So a good listener must be attentive and demonstrate the understanding of a conversation by repeating key points in the responses.


Paraphrasing is a great tool of reciprocating people with correct articulation. If you understand the context then revert back so that the conversation goes on smoothly

Hone the skills of non- verbal communication:

Being able to communicate non-verbally is a fact that demonstrates exactly how body language , gestures ,postures ,facial expression ,eye contact, tone of voice and positioning among groups have their forms of expressing certain feelings.IT is an effective way of reinforcing already what is said ,accenting.

Choose words wisely:

Words effect and impact the relation between the speaker and the audience. So as to be a good communicator use positive and colourful words with graded vocabulary

Be the salve of Time:

Impart the timing correctly with the relevant to the context. Studies have proven that articulating the facts in the correct time have left the audiences with greater impact.

Narrate stories:

Narrating good and genuine stories connect the audience with you. It will add to the proverbial marketing tool belt as well. It will showcase the authentic and credible cause about what you speak.


The situation must be relevant to what you are speaking and based on that situation the must be action taken.

Engage audience:

Ask rhetorical questions to maintain a good rapport with the audience which will caste the boredom. Be interactive with the audience and try to get the feedbacks.

3 Basic Types of COMMUNICATION


In this process people exchange information through verbally. It utilises the spoken word either face to face or remotely .It is the primary form of communication.


It provides some glance into a speaker’s word choice. Sarcasm, complacency, deception, etc. are the emotions related with non -verbal communicating process, which are expressed through facial expression. Verbal communication when impaired with non – verbal communication effectively creates a great impact.


This helps the speaker to reinforce communicate verbally and they help make a point. With Visual aids you can remember important topics, give clients to glance at your work. It also helps to convey the, presented message.

This is often seen that Communication skills in workplace is a vital to an organisation’s ability to be productive and operate smoothly .It helps to improve the overall company’s performances; it increases the employee job satisfaction. Employees feel confident if they are able to have advanced communication.


Being respectful:

It is an integral part of this skill. It helps in boosting the confidence and team building conscience in workplace

Available for reviewing and giving feedback:

It does not always mean correcting mistakes but instead be passionate enough to commend the junior level employees. It helps to inculcate the quality of being empathetic.

Learning emails etiquette:

This helps building professionalism. You should know to break the e mail and use bullets to show the important texts. This is an effective part of verbal communication.

Social intelligence is a first-hand example of Interpersonal skills.It is basically the combination of communication in workplace and basic communication skills .They depend on reading the signals others send and interpreting them accurately in order to form a response. An individual comprises of personal style and interpersonal style, but not everyone paves their way towards success. It is a type of important soft skills.

As per mentioned above communication and interpersonal skills are the sides of one coin, we have to master on both of them to be a voracious speaker. The below points will help you to give a tour through it.

Emotional intelligence:

Self- awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills are the skills which makes one a good speaker and a whole individual

Problem solving and conflict resolution:

It is an integral part of inter personal skills. We should aim at solving problems rather than avoiding it. Aim at win- win situation to resolve the conflict.


It is a skill that allows two or more people to compromise. If you are at home with this skills and it could give you professional as well as personal balance in life


These 7 principles of communication are important for a good and effective communicating purpose. These basically help to ensure a good business conversation.

They are as follows:

Completeness: every agenda of the organisation must be complete and explained properly to the receiver.

Concreteness: this type of communication is about giving clear message provided with factual information. This must be pragmatic and unit-vocal.

Courtesy: it is also advisable to approach the clients in a friendly manner. Use the terms that show respect because not everyone will be pleased if you address them informally

Correctness: avoid making grammatical errors in business communication. A correct language will leave a great impression of trust and dedication on your clients.

Clarity: intonation and enunciation of your speech must be clear as crystal. Avoid using fuzzy language and cliché expressions. Use proper body language as well

Consideration: always be considerate towards your fellow audiences. Factors such as professional knowledge, level of education, ages, etc. must be taken into consideration

Conciseness: thrive to be clear and concise with your speech. Implement consistent storyline and mention facts relevant to that.

Key Take Away

key take away of communication skills
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To become a good and effective communicator, You should remember these acrostics of COMMUNICATION

  • Connect with audiences along with confidence and credibility.
  • orient them with different prospects by being a good speaker.
  • Modulate intonation and pitch of voice according to Non Verbal action.
  • Modify the speech with graded vocabulary and terminate with key messages always.
  • Use the emotions effectively in work place communication.
  • Narrate good and authentic stories to point out the agenda behind speaking.
  • Implement the quality of listening intently.
  • Choose words meticulously to be an effective communicator and don’t deviate from the topic.
  • Articulate and reciprocate audience with correct pace of speech.
  • Thriveto enunciate a word properly.
  • Improvise body language and make eye contact.
  • Organizeideas chronologically and learn Non-verbal communication skills.
  • Nourish and Hone interpersonal skills like empathy, resilience, etc.

By:- Manisha Mandal

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