Fundamentals of digital mareting
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Want to learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing ??

Then welcome!

This article is just for you. 

But… Let’s understand the term “Fundamentals” first

Everything in this world is based upon some basic traits necessary for their survival.

Similarly, there are 4-Fundamentals of Digital Marketing That are necessary in order to market anything online,

 Doesn’t matter you’re running a Digital Marketing agency, or selling Digital Marketing Courses, You have to use these 4 online marketing pillars in order to succeed in the digital world.

So let’s begin with the basic introduction to Digital Mkt.

What is Digital Marketing ?

Internet Marketing is just a way of promoting or selling the products & Services through reaching the people who need them by using any online platform.


For example:- 

1) Selling products on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.  

2) using social media channels to promote your brand & services.

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Now that you’re aware of the Importance of Internet marketing so let’ jump right on the topic …..


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

There are thousands of factors which determines the success of your Marketing Campaign but still, these 4 Things are common yet very Important in each of the campaign.

Even the top Digital Marketers use all of these fundamentals in order to launch and run a successful campaign

    1. Search Engine Optimization

    2. Content Marketing

    3. Social Media Marketing

    4. Search Engine Marketing 

But what do they really mean and why they are so important ??

Let’s discuss them in detail

I. Search Engine Optimization

search engine results

Suppose you search for something on Google. How often do you click on the second page of the search results?

 Probably not very often.

 According to a 2014 study by Advanced Web Rankings, over 67% of clicks on SERP (search engine results page) is done for only the top 5 search results. 

So in order to get traffic to your website, you need to make certain optimizations to your website in order to show up as the top results on Google and people actually click on it. 

This process of Optimizing you website in order to rank in any of the search engine is basically called  Search Engine Optimization

So what are some of the basic ways in which you can optimize your website? 


People enter certain keywords that present search results on Google.

 You have to find out what they are and which ones are relevant to you. If many people are searching for a certain keyword, then it should be important for you. 

There are numerous keyword tools that you can use to find out what those keywords are. 

You can also find out what keywords are used for your more successful competitor’s website to show up.

On-Page Optimization

You have to apply your selected keywords to your website’s content.

The keywords must appear in the URL, title, first sentence, first paragraph, image file names, meta description, and links to related content.

• Internal Linking and Information Architecture

The way in which pages are organized on a site is known as Information Architecture. The interlinking between pages on a website is known as Internal Linking. 

The way in which both are combined determines how high the website is shown in the search results. Suppose you have a website with a page that is authoritative and generates traffic. 

It is descriptive and comes up high in the search results. But another page on that same website, say the sales or shop page does not. So you have to strategically link both pages together. 

• Work on Security

 A website with solid security will earn a good rank. Google will mention if a website has a “Not Secure” connection in red. This will only cause the viewer to turn back. Therefore, you should get an HTTPS or SSL security protocol.

• Page Speed

You can use various tools such as Google’s Test My Site to see how long your page loads. The faster the better. 

• Mobile Friendly

 Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Nowadays people are glued to their phones and are likely to access your website through their mobile phones. You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see how well you fare. 

• Off-Page Optimization

Work on the authoritativeness of your website. You can see how authoritative your domain is and how authoritative the content is. 

Reduce your “bounce rate” which is how many people only view a single webpage on your site before leaving it. 

Get an older domain. You can do this by purchasing an expired one. 

Get backlinks from popular websites. 


II. Content Marketing

This is quite self-explanatory. It means to create killer content that builds customer loyalty and makes them want to come back for more. There has to be a long term strategy in order to build a solid relationship with the customer. 

“Content is the king” you might have heard of this phrase.

By posting content, you’re giving your audience, a reason to stay and trust you.

What are some examples of formats for creating great content?

You can create:

    • Blog Posts

    • Case Studies

    • eBooks

    • Infographics

    • Vlogs

    • FAQs

    • Newsletters

    • Lists

    • Polls

    • Quizzes

    • Surveys

    • Podcasts

And so on…

How do I measure if my content is good?

Look at the key metrics. They are:

    • The number of readers you have got. 

    • The engagement rate and a number of page views. 

    • The engagement rate and time that is spent on the site. 

    • The number of articles that are viewed. 

How do I measure the effectiveness of my content? In other words, how many serious visitors my website has?

View the following metrics:

    • Number of signups to your newsletter.

    • number of returning visitors. 

    • Number of downloads.

    • Number of form submissions. 

Where should I focus the most on marketing my content?

Social Media. The cost for marketing is much cheaper than other forms of media and you can have a captive audience if they like your content. 


III. Social Media Marketing

In order to be effective at social media marketing, you have to tailor your content towards the particular social media platform you are targeting.

For eg. articles that have headlines with 8-12 words get the most shares on Twitter and articles that have headlines with 12-14 words get the most likes on Facebook.

 It is important that your content makes one user want to share it with another user. That way your marketing on social media reaches more people easily without you having to bother targeting each one individually as say, via text or phone call. There is more “virality”. 


IV. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

This refers to paying for the right to show advertisements on search engine result pages. You have to bid on keywords that the user may enter so that your ads can come up. 

The advantage of SEM is that you can place ads in front of customers when they are seeking to make a purchase. 

How do you bid?

You have to select certain keywords you want to bid on and mention how much you are willing to pay per click for your ads to show up when the customer enters a keyword. During the auction, Google evaluates the maximum bid you have placed and your Quality Score. 

The higher your Quality Score is, the more useful and relevant Google deems your ad as being.

 In fact, it is more important than the maximum bid. Even if you have a low bid during the auction, a high-Quality Score will ensure that your ad is given precedence over the others. 

Thank you

BY:- Pranav Grover

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