7 Hottest social media channels in India-2020

7 Hottest social media channels in India-2020

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Today, we all are aware of this word “Social media”, a platform connecting millions of people around the world.

When this word comes in our daily life talks, questions arise in abundance. Isn’t it? Like how is it affecting us? How it connects people? Is it safe to use? Is it not waste of time?  Etc.

About millions and billions of people are there, using Social Media. With social media comes the Social media channels on which we spread our identity for people to know us.

What are the most used Social media channels? For sure you might be curious to know about it.

If this question is coming into your mind then either you might be planning to spread your business and trying to find the best social media channel for it, or, your guide must have given you this as an assignment. Right?

Well in whatever race you are. Today, I am here to help you out in this.


I know you already might be, knowing about it and would try to skip this because today there is not a single person left who is not aware about this basic thing. Right?

But let me tell you some facts you don’t know about.

As we all know social media is connecting billion and trillion of people now days. You just have to create an account on Social media and your identity is exposed to millions of people.

daily visitors on social media

Some interesting facts about social media and its channels:-

  • Facebook have traffic of 21% of all social media channels.
  • Just 25% users bother to check their privacy on social media channels.
  • Bird in twitter logo is names as Larry. Sadly, it wasn’t named after Larry Kim but after Boston Celtics forward Larry Bird.(Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/twitter-bird-has-a-name_n_1306405?ri18n=true)
  • Internet user has about 7 social media accounts.
  • Users aged 55-64 more likely interact with branded content than the young aged users.
  • We spend approximately 5yrs and 3 months of our lifetime on social media.

Top 5 most used Social Media channels


Developed byMark Zuckerburg
Launched onFebruary 4,2003
Starting SpreadWas developed for Harward University students to communicate and see pictures of each other. Within a day 1200 students ad their account and in a month half the student population had joined it. Expanded to other universities in 2004.
2005More than 200 million users 100 million daily login users. 2/3red users weren’t of college.
FriendsAvg. users have about 120 friends and some, more than 200. 2-3 hrs daily time spent on facebook.  

Here I mention something about facebook and its users.

Ok, so let’s talk about how is facebook for a business?

Do you know? According to the research it was found that about 77% of the companies find new customers through facebook.

Facebook advertisements and business accounts allow business people to reach their business to millions of people in less time.

In this Covid-19 situation and lockdown facebook is up with the resources and helping people finding tips, trainings and a lot more to help people stay open and stay connected to the customers.

It is asking people to

  • Stay up with the organizations such as WHO so as to respond quickly to the changes happening around.
  • Update and provide important information to the customers about the product and pricing.
  • Bring business online in order to find customers even in lockdown.
  • Through Community help(https://www.facebook.com/community_help/) ask for support and help those who need support.

Business: In the business point of view it is good to invest in facebook advertisements.It has many users to make you know about your products. But in order to expand your business more effectively you should be on atleast 2-3 plaforms.

Know Resources:-https://teammarketeer.com/facebook-success-story/



As you know it is a platform of getting and sharing news updates from all around the world. Either it is government policy update or an organizational update. You can get it all through it.

Business: It also helps for a business and organization to get name and identity.

    Developed by                      Jack Dorsey                       Noah Glass                       Biz Stone                   Evan Williams
  Launched on  March 21,2006 at San Fransisco, California
      Starting Spread  Jack Dorsey got idea of building a project names twitter. Some called it social network and some micro-blogging, no one sure about what it was. Twitter gain popularity by south by south west Interactive conference. Twitter owned the conference and was said as ruling.  
  2007-10400000 tweets posts per quarter in 2007. Grew to 100M tweet post per quarter in 2008. 65M tweet posts in a day.

In the covid-19 situation twitter founded an increases use.

It saw lot of misleading information sharing.

In March 2020 they started marking tweets that contained misleading information.

Twitter took a step to verify accounts and reset passwords of people and only verified accounts will stay.

3-Linked in

It is used for professional networking. Provide platform to companies to hire employee and people to seek jobs

    Developed by                      Reid Hoffman   Founding team members  from PayPal and Socialnet.com  
  Launched on  May 5, 2003
      Starting Spread  In 2015 most companies earn revenue by selling access of information to sales professionals In 2016 it became wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft.  
  2020  670+M registrations.

In 2020, under Covid-19 pandemic it also started a business resource center to place freshers and professionals and also to share ideas during this time.

Resource center:https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/covid19-business-resource-center/

Offering jobs and internships by various companies to set us work from home routine.

Business: Account on this a hiring people as interns also, can make your company name reach to more people within less time.

It is long process but you can get into this without any investment


It is the most used site among teenagers. Bring people closer and provide platform to communicate.

    Developed by                      Kevin Systrom  Mike Krieger
  Launched on  6th October 2010
      Starting Spread  Developed as mobile check-in app. Seed funding of $500,000 on 5 march,2010 Funding of 7M$ from investors in feb ,2011. It raised 500M$ valuation in April,2012
  2012-14  It released version for android apps. Got 1M downloads. Facebook,Inc bought Instagram for 1billion$ on 9 April,2012  

In 2020, its usage as increased upto 20%

It is not only being a platform for people to connect but also helping in business running through advertisement and pages.

People are earning through views on their content, gaining followers and increasing their following.

There are 11,986,061 posts with the #lockdown


Business: With a increase number of users, they are searching for resources they could buy. The sponsorship advertisements are very helpful in a business point of aspect to expand and make it reach to more and more people.


It is a video sharing platform.

People post their content, earn through views and subscriptions, and also gain popularity through it. From a child to mature aged people it is used by every person.

    Developed by  Steve Chen Chad Hurley Jawed Karim
  Launched on  14 February 2005 San Mateo, California  
    Starting Spread  Karim didn’t found  Janet Jackson’s performance online which let to idea of video sharing site. Was the first video-sharing site on Internet. Lazy Saturday’s viral video clip marked youtube as an important site. It allowed free streaming cricket matches that made it gained more popularity in march 2010.
  2006  Google Inc. bought it for 1.65 billion$ on 9 October,2006  

There are many videos on Youtube consisting of recording of various home content, Information about covid-19-its symptoms, causes, preventions etc. Also it consist of the recording of the videos of political statement and news.

Business: This kind of a content is for which people are searching and as a result helping in gaining the most users and earn more money on youtube.

Youtube also have advertisements included in the beginning of every video. This is a really good way to expand your business through.


It has a primary audience of  foodles, crafters and women.It is useful for looking at the images of the products, gaining website traffic and for the sale of the product.

    Developed by      Ben Silbermann  
  Launched on  December,2009 St.Francisco, California, US  
    Starting Spread  Launched prototype as closed beta. 10,000 users after website launch. iphone launch bought more downloads. Grew rapidly in 2011. It was mentioned in Time magazine among best 50 websites of 2011.
  2013  In October, it Displayed advertisements in the  forms of promoted pins

Pinterest’s global chief marketing officer says Pinterest is experiencing record level of engagement in Covid-19 situation. About 367 M people sees digital scrapbooks leading to report revenue about 1 billion$.


Whatsapp is a messaging, voice and also a video calling platform for its users. People here can share from link to photos, videos as well as other document including word to pdf files to each other.

    Developed by      Jan Koum
  Launched on  2009 California, US  
    Starting Spread    In August, 2009 whatsapp launched whatsapp 2.0 for iphone users Users increased to 250,000 after whatsapp 2.0. By feb , 2013 it had 200M users using each month. Whatsapp was valued at 1.4 billion $c for investors. In January, 2015 whatsweb was made available to the people so that it could be operated on pc as well.  

Know more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_WhatsApp

In a research it was found that it has about 2.7  billion users for whatsapp and this number will increase upto 2.87 billion in 2021.


This was all about the social media and its channels.

 Hope that you got all your answers and also knowledge about the social media channels was of some use to you. Take this knowledge and invest in correct and better place to expand your business and make it reach to all.

Thank You

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