top 10 earning bloggers in india
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Top 10 earning Bloggers in India

Top 10 earning  bloggers in India

Do you know? Earning as blogger is really easy.

Want to know how they earn so much money through their content? And How are they paid?

When it comes to earning thousands of questions arises about how is it done or how is it possible .So without a delay, Let run towards the topic of today.

Who Is a Blogger ?

Blogging Income growth

Bloggers are the people who blog their daily content. So basically, blog is a website that is owned by Google where people write their content , recommend Products and sell them. 

They also earn through direct advertisements, paid reviews, selling digital products, launching online courses, online consulting, running campaign for brands through their content they post.

    • Not only they earn but are also responsible for educating and making people know about various things through their content 

Top 10 earning bloggers in India

top 10 earning bloggers in India

1. Amit Agarwal

• Earning:- (estimated)$60,000/month

    • He was awarded as Google developer Expert title for GSuite and Google Aps Script.

    • Engineer from IIT Roorkee.

    • Professional G Suite consultant/developer.

    • He quit his job and became a first professional blogger.

    • Founder of Indian Blog School.

    • Know more

2. Harsh Aggarwal

• Earning:- (estimated) $52,434/month

    • Started blogging just for fun in 2008.

    • Started with a domain name virgintech.blogspot.

    • His domain name is Shout-Me-Loud.

    • Accident that stated he will never to walk again changed his life.He was at bedrest for about 6-7 months during which he developed his skills. After, due to a good surgeon he was able to walk again.

    • Know More

3. Faiza Farooqui

Earning:- (estimated) $50,000/month.

    • Founder of Mouthshut.com

    • Mouthshut is a service web portal and a customer research portal.

    • He is in the list of enterprenurs who have creates history.

    • Worked as a technology editor of campus newspaper.

    • Know More

4. Sharadha Sharma

Earning:- (estimated)$30,000 /month

    • Only female in the list of top India bloggers.

    • Yourstory.com is the website for which she is known for.

    • This website shares entrepreneurs, Leaders and founders story.

5. Varun Krishnan

• Earning:- (estimated)$22,000 /month

    • Has 1573 ranking In India.

    • Owner of Mobile blog named FoneArena.

    • FoneArena is most popular Indian mobile blog.

6. Srinivas Tamada

• Earning:- (estimated)$20,000 /month

    • Founder of 9lessons.info.

    • It is a famous programming,PHP Ajax and other webdesign blog.

7. Asish Sinha

Earning:- (estimated)$18,000 /month

    • Worked for Yahoo and IBM.

    • Started with Pluddg blog.

    • Re-branded as NextBigWhat.com.

    • It has a content of tech, Startup and Entrepreneurship.

8. Arun Prabhudesai

• Earning:- (estimated)$15,000 /month

• Founder of trak.in.

• It has a content of technology, Mobile, telecom and internet.

• It is among one of the leading telecom blogs.

9. Jaspal Singh

 Earning:- (estimated)$8000 /month

• Founder of SaveDelete.com

• It has a content of software and internet tips.

10. Amit Bhavani

• Earning:- (estimated)$14,115 /month.

    • Among one of the top Indian bloggers.

    • He has a log named amitbhawani.com


Here I have stated all the Indian renowed bloggers and their earning to promote blogging career, also to depict that blogging can earn money too. It is good thing to start your career with. Learn skills of blogging and be your own boss.

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