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Top 10 Digital marketing blog You should know about

Today every single person tends to go digital either to expand their business or to run than. Being digital demands the marketing blogs. There are many Digital Marketing blog that are successful in providing efficient tactics and strategies to people.

Want to know some of them?

After a research I bought the names of top 10 marketing blogs in India that started on small grounds and reach to their best levels.

What is digital marketing blog ?

Before getting into the topic you should first of all know about what actually it is? In simple words it is a platform where people post their content related to any topic and earn through that. It is written in a simple conversational language. It is a kind of informational webpage or an online journal.

In order to start a blog you should firstly get niche for your blog, choose a blogging platform, get a domain name for it, get a webhosting account, start writing a blog on wordpress, select wordpress themes for designs and then finally promote your blog. And it’s done.

So now you finally have a general idea about what what actually it is. Right?

So without any delay let’s get started with our topic.

Top 10 Digital marketing blogs in India

Social samosa

Social Samosa
src:- here
  • Founder => Ankita gaba and Aditya gupta
  • Website=> http://www.socialsamosa.com/
  • About:-Social samosa is and online media that provide people with the latest trendy information and also tends to expand the brand and organization of industry. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It also provides workshops on the basis of twitter and Facebook expansions.
  • How it started: – In one of the interviews with Ankit Gaba. He told us that we observed that people wanted to be an entrepreneur and wanted to start their business through social media but, they did not know where to start from and how to start it. He along with Aditya Gupta saw this gap and tried to negate it by starting their business through social media.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak

Founder :-Deepak Kanakaraju.

Website => https://digitaldeepak.com/

About => It provides knowledge and consultation to people.It has a million of people as a traffic on their site and has a big name in the marketing field.

How it started=> It started a motorcycle blog in 2008 named BikeAdvice, because he had interest in bikes and certainly it got traffic and by 2011 he had a lot of traffic over its blog and till 2012 he had the writers . After some time he sold his site to Delhi buyer at $25000. After that digital Deepak started for a personal branding so that he could put that on his resume and get a job in digital marketing but slowly traffic started building.


sidharth rao

Founder=> Sidharth Rao, Dentsu Webchutney

Website => https://www.campaignindia.in/

About =>It was launched to focus on marketing, advertisement and media.It involves news and latest developments happening around.

How it started =>They reached decision makers and influencers involved in media planning ,creative,PR and buying agencies. They also reached brand managers in company.

MyHQ Digest

Founder=>Saima Siddiqui

Website => https://digest.myhq.in/

About => It gives you idea about the entrepreneurship, digital marketing and also freelancing.

Social Beat

Vikash chawla
  • Founder=>Vikas Chawla
  • Website => https://www.socialbeat.in/
  • About =>It is a platform that enable brand to achieve business.It is digital maketing solution company. It became a premier google partner.Its headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra and its offices are in Bangaluru, Chennai and Delhi.
  • How it started =>Vikas Chawla said that own content drive successful running of our organization. Content and traffic was only responsible for our organization to get name. It started in 2012.

Digital Vidya

  • Founder=> Pradeep Chopra
  • Website => https://www.digitalvidya.com/
  • About =>They provide trainings and workshops. It also offer courses in digital marketing and have a high acceptance.
  • How it started =>It started with providing workshops on social media. And then in 2013 they got a great acceptance and so they decided to provide digital marketing certified online courses.

Shout Me Loud

Harsh Aggarwal

Founder=>Harsh Aggarwal

Website => https://www.shoutmeloud.com/

About =>It is a platform that grows you as a blogger and a digital marketer.

How it started =>Harsh Agarwal started blogging for fun.But some day he met with the accident in which he was told that he will never be able to walk again and was on bed rest for about 6 months and during that period he developed writing skills and started a blog named virgintech.blogspot.He eventually got traffic over his site and then named it as shout me loud.


  • Founder=>
  • Website => https://www.influencer.in/
  • About =>It connects brand with bloggers.It also provide tips for the bloggers.It provides tips for the influencers and bloggers and keep updated about the new and tactics for campaign.
  • Exchange 4 Media
  • Founder=>Anurag Batra
  • Website => https://www.exchange4media.com/
  • About =>It is a leading marketing and advertising website.It provides platform to planners, marketers and also the advertising professionals


After research I got the names of the top 10 digital marketing blog in India. This article will give you an idea about what blogs are, how are they started? And also about various blogs that got success and are running their business will the best they have.

By:- Sakshi Mishra

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