What is Social Media Marketing

Epiphany of what is Social Media Marketing

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Can you just tell me which word pops out from your head when you hear social media?

I think the answer is a myriad of public medium flings. Besides, I do not think you need to know about social media’s sway in our lives today. In this era of digital marketing, such marketing is its core heart.

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It is the use of social medium platforms to connect together with your vast pool of audience. Importantly, to create your brand, pace up sales, and drive website traffic. Along with, this involves publishing great content on your profiles. Likewise, promoting interests of your followers, analysing your results. Also, running social media advertisements.

DO you like to know which MEDIUMS are ruling from the past decades until now?

These Medias have created vast social networks too.

The usage of social media tools has grown faster than the internet itself. Let me show you some stats over one decade

usage tools

Accordingly, it first started with publishing. Then, Brands started sharing their content on such platform to get traffic and sales to their websites. Moreover, various social medium campaigns help do to this.  Nevertheless, with time it has flourished far beyond being just an area to broadcast content.

social usage
Source: usage

Did you think this before? BY using such Medium, we can enter the domain of marketing as well. Doesn’t this astonish you!

Since 2.8 billion people across the world use those Mediums, it has a lion’s share to be the effective form. Moreover, it also encompasses a good array of places where people are social and interact with one another. Many of those places present opportunities for businesses too. So regardless, of who your audience is, you will be ready to reach them and interact with them!

In addition to this, it helps to get traffic and converts them into sales. From the graph below it reflects that almost 88% companies have embraced this technique for money earning. Moreover, it has openings for career in marketing as well.

Today, brands use it during a myriad of various ways. Fore.g.

*Brands will often take feedback from its customers to know their performance (listening and engagement).

Source: Kate

* A brand that aims to monitor their working on such will analyze its reach and sales on with an analytics tool I.E seo tools (seo analytics).

Source: Justin

* A business that aims to win in a similar set of folks at scale will run highly targeted social media ads (advertisement).

source: alfred

As a whole, we often call this as social media promotion.


All social media agencies price them otherwise. In contrast, not all of them will offer alike services. In fact, most don’t really offer an entire lot of support on the organic side. However, they’ve found the simplest results hiring a mixture of organic and paid strategies.

They only work with clients who are looking to produce, through leadership-style content.

Source: agency

Truth is, it is merely nearly as good as, what you have to mention. Before we work with anyone, we always confirm that the brands we represent have a singular perspective and exciting point of view within their industry. Without the element of great content, such efforts fall through no matter whether you are doing ads or organic.

So let’s revisit to the purpose and walk through the vital tools (SMT)

social media tools

1. Buffer

Buffer may be a similar board tool from 2015. Furthermore, industry professionals trust it. Due to its capacity to manage multiple public medium accounts, measure performance. Additionally, they have multiple people access one account, get recommendations and integrate together with your most used apps.

Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Plans: $15/month to $99/month

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another widely used such tool that allows you to plan posts on over 20 such platforms. Besides, it offers features that assist you curate, schedule and boost content. With that, you can also analyse it to work out the simplest time to post with real-time updates to stay a track of brand name mentions and audience visit.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers all the common tools except meeting tools. Furthermore, it also offers other features that permit you schedule posts, monitor competition, track keywords. In addition, it had a sensible inbox that allows you to view and answer all the messages received across platforms. This enables these managers to interact in talks, respond and unify texts.

Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Plans: $99/month to $249/month

So is that all about this topic?

Not… there are hoards of information you require to master in.

In addition, feel free to check these links below.



SO fellas, what are you waiting for? I hope from this article that it is as clear as crystal what agenda it holds…

Considering this, there are billions of folks on PUBLIC MEDIUM today. Although, it easy to ascertain why so many marketers use the channel to souk their products and interact with customers.

Although defining your company’s public medium course of action could seem daunting, you will be gay to know that many mediums are there. So, start acting on your business’ medium marketing strategy today. Thrive to extend your number of followers, improve engagement, and boost conversions. :)J

By:- Manisha Mandal

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